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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If I Had A Million Dollars....

 In no particular order I've allowed myself to dream just a tiny bit.  I know I have a fantastically rich life in uncountable and unmeasurable ways and I wouldn't trade it for anything but a girl can let her mind wander once in awhile and have a little

(Oh, and sadly these days a million isn't that much anymore but you get the point)
1.  All my bras and underwear would be matching sets.  I don't really know why but this sounds totally frivolous and oddly appealing.

2. I'd change my bedding every day.  I absolutely love the feel and smell of clean bedding. 

3.  No, wait!! I'd have someone else change my bedding every day!  

4.  I'd have someone else buy my groceries too.   Grocery shopping is one of those irritatingly necessary tasks that makes me shudder.

5.  No matter who does the grocery shopping - or any shopping for that matter it would not be at Walmart.  I can't afford not to shop at Walmart these days but I don't like it.  The amount of money that chain makes is sinful and I'd rather not contribute to it.

6. I'd hire a landscaper to transform my yard into an exquisite garden and then have a gardener to maintain it.  I mostly can't stand yard work, it makes me grumpy.  I know this makes no sense since we have a large yard.  Oh yeah, we chose a large lot so the kids could have a great outdoor play space.

7. I would travel more.  Anywhere and everywhere.  I'd especially like to tour Canada and we have family and friends in many diverse, spread apart locations in North America who I would love to visit more often.

8. I would either have someone clean my house or have someone watch my kids so I could clean my house.  I may strongly dislike gardening but housekeeping doesn't bother me.

9. The shoes I would have!  I love shoes but exert extreme self-control in this area.

10. I think my grocery shopper would also be a person who prepares my meal menu and cooks my meals.  Oh, and while we're at it they might as well be a personal trainer too and help whip me into fabulous shape!

....I'd be rich!

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

This is a fun list! Train your children well and in a few yrs they can start doing some of these things for you. My kids ask me at least once a wk if I had them so they could be my personal slaves. Ofcourse I tell them yes and them add one more chore for being a smart butt. :)