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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hockey Time 

My husband is an extremely avid hockey fan. 
He always has been. 
He's particularly partial and devoted to the Vancouver Canuck's.
In fact, there is a wall in our new finished off basement- a noticeable wall at that -  painted the Canuck-blue (yes there is such a colour).  Said wall will also have a large decal in the likeness of a jersey stuck on it.  There are two closets along this wall and the doors of these closets will be printed with various Canuck snapshots.  Our pool table near this wall is also recently been recovered in Canuck-blue felt.  Trevor has a large closet in our office full of collectible memorabilia of the hockey persuasion.  We have to have to the TV hockey package every year so that he can watch all 80 or so games.
Maybe 'avid' is a mildly conservative word to describe his love of hockey...
The reason I'm thinking about hockey is not because I am equally into the sport  (I do quite enjoy and follow the NHL just not with the same enthusiasm as Trevor), but because it is the playoffs.  Vancouver finished #1 in the league this year and is a strong Stanley Cup contender.
Part of the advantage of being number one is that in the first round of playoffs they get to play the eighth place team who barely even made eighth place.  It should have been a sweep; winning the necessary four games to advance to the next round all in a row. Nope. 
They had to make it interesting.  The first three games were won relatively calmly and comfortably.  Game 4 occurred and it was the lost quite decidedly along with game 5.  Game 6 looked a little better but it still resulted in a seventh game. 
I hate game 7's.
I doubly hate overtimes in game 7's. 
I was forced to suffer through both last night.
It's a good thing we had an impromptu party with 10 adults and 9 kids last night so there was a bit of distraction.  What a nail-biting, hair-pulling, heart-pounding, perch-on-the-edge-of-my-seat game!!! 
I nearly wet myself when the 'other' team tied the game up with less the two minutes left therefore propelling the game into overtime.  Then to make matters worse the other team got a penalty advantage in overtime!!!!  A rather rare occurrence in overtime in the playoffs! 
The sigh of relief and cheers of excitement in our house when Vancouver managed to score the series winning goal nearly blew the roof off of our house.
And this could go on until June....


Karina said...

It's great knowing that you were suffering along with us! Let's hope that there are no more game sevens, and just 12 more wins for the cup! Go Canucks!

Karen said...

Be glad you don't have to deal with Nascar racing enthusiasts, it sounds worse than what you described LOL