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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Girl and A Boy

Having a boy is so different from a girl.
Or maybe it's just that my kids have opposite personalities?
Sawyer is into the plant dirt constantly; heck, he is into EVERYTHING constantly.   (I finally got tired of sweeping up dirt and moved the plant) With Sierra the only mess-creating activity she liked to do was empty the CD rack.
Sawyer has no qualms about going off into another room by himself and seeing what kind of mischief he can get into.   Sierra nearly always needs another human in the room with her or she is sure she will self destruct.
If it makes noise Sawyer is totally into it.  Although Sierra can certainly make her share of racket she is definitely less into items that offend the ear.

I'm cherishing my baby son a little more these days as he is turning one in two short weeks.  He is such an added joy to our family and - if Trevor has his way - completes it perfectly!

He loves to play ball and has grasped the concept of throwing it back and forth already.  His athletically inclined sister has influenced that.

On one of rarely mild and not-windy days we ventured outside.

Sawyer watched from his stroller for awhile.

Sierra burned some energy on the neglected trampoline.

I achieved a nice self-portrait of me and my boy!


Tammie said...

your boy is as cute as a button.

and i know what you mean. my kids have completely opposite personalities. it definitely makes things interesting. with my daughter, i feel like a young mom again because what worked for my son doesnt work for her. i have to make all new rules.

and i just read your profile. i had no idea you were 30 something. for some reason i was thinking you were like 25. you look great! go you.

Carla said...

25-Thanks! You flatter me Tammi!