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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chaos then Perspective

The tornado of chaos has a solid presence in my house these days, flinging toys EVERYWHERE, ensuring that there is constantly water spots and toothpaste all over the bathroom, littering cardboard and packing products on the floor in front of my fireplace from a recent bar-stool purchase, and keeping the floor well peppered with crumbs and sticky with spills!!  (Do not look at my floor and if you dare walk around in stocking feet your socks will never be the same)
I just start to feel like I'm getting a handle on things when the tornado revs up for another round.

I have pretty much always felt that I had control of most aspects of my life but lately I've failed miserably.  Being sick does not help matters but my stage life is the major culprit.  I feel that I've already relaxed my standards with having two small children and with working part-time yet it still drives me crazy.

I've been kind of complainy lately haven't I?
There's a lot going on.
I've got a new round of drugs from my doctor so hopefully that helps and I can get on with life - calming the tornado, resuming exercise and healthy eating and upping my mood!

A week later.....

So I wrote this near the beginning to of last week and looked it over and thought,
"I can't post this!"
and I didn't.
Later in the week I read two separate posts about perspective with kids, life and priorities. Then I came back to this post with reoriented thinking.  I knew all that stuff but to read it from another person's brain and experience resonated with me. In a few short years my kids will be in school and I'll wish for them to be home.  A few more years after that we, their parents, will become aliens from another planet and they won't want to be seen with us.  I should cherish and enjoy this time now.  One thing I told myself when Sierra was born was that I was going to make the most of every stage and moment of her life.  I didn't want to wish for it to pass any faster or long for the past to return but to live in the moment.  Overall I've been mostly successful with that desire but lately not so much and I've been  at a loss on how to make that a reality.

Sierra absolutely loves doing things and doing them with someone.  She hates to be alone.  I read post after post of Kindra's and her innovative activities she does with her young girls and I concluded that I needed to try the same.  I need to push aside my need for perfect order and control with my surroundings and invest my energy in my little girl and little boy.
The internet is a vast resource of ideas and after ten minutes of surfing I became filled with excitement over all the cool things I could do with Sierra. God flicked a switch in my mind and I found myself wanting to be with her simply because I enjoyed her.
We began with making Valentines.  I purchased glitter and construction paper and away we went.  Yes, I'll be seeing glitter on my floor for years to come but it was worth it to share in her excitement and fun of creating these cards for her friends.

We also copied an idea from Kindra and made a heart streamer to decorate with.  Sierra is so proud of her creations and tells everyone we see!

Then on Sunday we made Valentine's cookies and decorated them with Granny and Papa.
My idea list is full and so will my days be.  I know there will be times when the house will simply have to receive a little TLC but I refuse to base my satisfaction out of life or worry about what my friends/family think on the cleanliness of my house.  I will be imprinting my kids with what I pray is a positively memorable childhood and forming a relationship that will carry us through the "alien years".


Karen said...

If people judge you by a house full of happy kids and clutter, then it's their problem. What you're doing with Sierra and Sawyer and creating memories now while they are still young is going to matter most in later years.
Not enough parents spend time with their kids, appearances are more important or some other things like work or socializing.
You can never get these moments back, embrace them while they are still wanting to be with you - worry about cleaning the house when they are teenagers with an attitude :-)

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

That's so great Carla! I started a running list of ideas too, so that whenever I see something or think of something cool I write it down to refer to later when we're all wondering "what should we do now?" It's so amazing what you can find on the internet by doing a bit of googling.

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Oh Carla, I hear ya. Just when I feel like Im getting a grip on things they fall through my grasp. I am working casual and Im getting more shifts once my mat leave ends next month. So I started a cleaning schedule. I would come home and look a round, feeling over whelm by every toy, dish and floor that started back at me. So On Mondays I clean the kitchen, tuesday the bathroom etc..
As for t he crafts, I hear ya there. its hard when Carter doesnt want to sit down and do anything. So I find I bake with him a lot. He loves helping put things in and (eating) decorating things we make. But very rare can I sit him down to do crafts with me. Good job doing that!
You're an awesome Mom Carla! Something my mom use to have hanging in her Kitchen said "Thank you God for dirty dishes, because that means we have food to eat".