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Friday, January 28, 2011

Weight Watching

As I'm nearing the end of week four on Weight Watchers I am once again pondering how much effort this requires.  My mind is continually consumed by what I've eaten or what I can eat (or drink).  I am also constantly resisting the urge to cave in to the forbidden desires of my taste buds.
When I read that last I think to myself, "That is insane!  How can it be healthy to have food on one's mind all the time?  Obsessive much?"

I contemplate.

Here's what I've learned through having food constantly occupying my thoughts:

*I tend to eat when I'm tired and when I'm emotional.  I reached for the crackers or sweets or whatever is handy and generally not overly healthy.

* I often would eat absentmindedly and without really tasting the food.

* There are a lot of 'extras' in meals and snacks and drinks that add up fast - like butter, Parmesan cheese, salad dressing etc.

* I've really learned that not everything is worth the calories and  try to discern what is worthy of entering my mouth.  It is interesting for me to discover what things are kind of 'meh' yet scarfed down anyway without my even being aware of it!

*I've learned to taste and savour most food more, partly because I've lowered my portion sizes so there is less to enjoy and I want to make it last.

*Quantity is not everything, there is a lot to be said about quality of the food being eaten.  This past week, for example, I've stayed within Weight Watchers guidelines but the items I've chosen aren't the healthiest and so there has been no weight change.

*One has to really, deeply and truly want to embrace a weight loss/healthy lifestyle. In some ways I think that for it to be successful it sort of has to take over one's brain.  Otherwise life just gets away on you and before you know it.....

I used to wonder how people could 'let themselves' get heavier or gain weight, including myself.  With all the stresses and pressures of life and in the world how does one not?  Now I can see where it 'just happens' and ends up becoming a non-issue.  You have to really want it and work incredibly hard for it and then keep working in order to keep it - and sometimes that isn't even enough!    
At the same time eating is such a social activity and is meant to be enjoyed! What an incredibly tricky balance.
For now it's not driving me totally mental so I keep going - most days!

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

You came up with some good, honest, conclusions. I think you might be trying a bit to hard. If that makes sense. The more you get to know the program, the more it consumes you. I never realized howm uch bad stuff I was eating. Just continue to take it one day at a time. Do the best that you can. Drink a ton of water and try to be more active.