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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Spewings Of My Mind

* I'm pretty sure I would die without caffeine these days.  I tried this morning and made it until nine o'clock before realizing there is no way I would make it through the day without it's artificial energy magic coursing through my veins.  At least I limit my caffeine (usually) intake to only one cup in the morning.
*I am nearing the end of week three on weight watchers and have lost three pounds.  I am thrilled.  I know three pounds doesn't sound like much but it's the first time the scale has gone down in six months and it's enough that I'm more-or-less comfortable in my clothes again.  The means that I am half way to goal number one.

*I started the workout program P90X this week.  Total butt kicking workouts that are not for the faint of heart, but I love them.  I believe doing this has really boosted my weight loss because as of Sunday I'd only lost 1 pound.  Exercise is addicting to me; it's a high that I keep wanting more of.  Oddly enough, though, I would curse up a blue streak if getting through the exercises didn't take all my breath.
*We are finally thawing out around here.  The Chinook winds blew with great enthusiasm yesterday.  They created havoc with blowing our mounds of snow around which resulted in some massive drifts and unpleasant driving conditions - but the temperatures reached 0!!! I don't believe I have truly felt warm for a month and I'm getting there as the ice chunks are falling off of me.

*I registered Sierra for fall pre-school this week.  First of all I can't believe they are taking registrations nine months in advance. Secondly, I am practically in denial that my girl is going to be old enough for school.  I've been seeing this year that she is ready for some sort of learning structure, being at home is getting boring for her (not to mention starting to drive me up the wall.)

*It's Friday night, my bowl of popcorn is ready and yes, buttered (there are some things I will not give up, diet or now diet!), the wine is chilling and my husband and TV await me.

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