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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Distinctly Canadian -Eh?

1. Smarties - candy covered chocolate - they're kind of like M&M's but flatter
2.  Ketchup flavoured chips
3.  We call winter hats 'toques' (pronounced toook)
4.  We use "eh" a lot in our conversations.
5.  French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy - called poutine.
6. Most of us have never heard of biscuits and gravy and most of us that have find them unappealing, especially as a breakfast item.  (We were in the US once on a service trip with our youth group and they made us biscuits and gravy one morning and not one of our group o f17 touched them much to the cooks' surprise and dismay, there were lots of leftovers.)
7.  I don't know anyone who calls Canadian Bacon Canadian Bacon.  It is called back bacon, or ham.
8.  Alcohol is generally much more expensive..
9. Cheezies - kind of like Cheetos...but not.
10. Iced tea that tastes nothing like cold tea sweetened with sugar.  It is made from a powder.

If I'm wrong about any of this let me know and feel free to add to it too!


Karen said...

I miss Smarties - down here we have a candy also called Smarties but they are fruit flavored in tiny little rolls. I think in Canada we get them as halloween treats.
Biscuits and gravy are definitely a southern thing, but not bad if the gravy is made right. It's certainly an acquired taste.
Sweet tea as they call it here, is usually made as you said, with a few tea bags and a pound or 10 of sugar - personally don't care for it, though we do have mixes here too.
Canadian bacon is almost a novelty down here but personally I don't notice much difference between that and the bacons we find here. The only thing I do miss is maple flavored which Canadians are known for and down here, most don't care for that.
Maybe I should do a similar post on things that are distinctly southern :-) LOL
We could compare notes haha.

Tammie said...

sometimes i can get smarties at specialty grocery stores. they're so good.

my son wants to try poutine in the worst way. he keeps asking my husband to try and find a way to make it at home.

maybe im secretly canadian bcause i, too, think biscuits and gravy is disgusting. it looks like puke doesnt it???

Anonymous said...

Canadian beer excellent, American beer barely palatable.

Carla said...

What about Apricot Beer? TREVOR.

Nurse License Protection said...

I also miss Smarties...It's my favorite when I was a kid. But now they don't sell it here anymore.