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Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Man Winter

"Maybe winter has been canceled this year," said Trevor hopefully during one extremely balmy November day. Most of September aside, we've had a gorgeous fall.
Monday, (November15!) it was sunny, and reasonably warm. Sierra and I played outside in the afternoon - jumping on the trampoline, building sand castles in her sandbox, and kicking a ball. Snow was in the forecast for the next day.
Bah - I didn't believe it.
They were lying.
They must be.

Sadly, they were correct. The next morning Trevor phones me and orders me not to take the kids anywhere. The roads were a skating rink due to all the snow. Winter had indeed arrived. Not like it just drove slowly up the driveway, stretched and gradually unfolded itself out of the car. It crashed right into the house and hollered, "Here I am!!!" with determined fury.
I went out once last week and decided that any sane mother wouldn't do that again unless absolutely necessary or driving a snow plow. By Friday the roads were passable without white-knuckling the steering wheel so I managed to escape and accomplish a few errands.
Then the temperatures plunged into the basements of all basements for this last week. Two days ago Calgary (2hrs North) was reportedly the second coldest place on Earth at -33C (-27F), after the Antarctica! Believe it or not, come January and February it could get even colder. Traveling hasn't been too dangerous but bundling up two little kids against highs of -25C (-13F) hasn't exactly been tops on my practicality list, especially since there hasn't been anything absolutely necessary that I had to do.

You know cabin fever has set in and must not be good when Trevor - on his own initiative - arranges to have my mom babysit yesterday evening so he could take me out for a break from our house and kids.

Today the Chinook is arriving so we've got gale force winds, blowing snow, but a mild -7C (19F). Warmer but not much better for getting out.
I could complain more. Would you like me to?
I'm fine.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

She lasted all of five minutes!


kraftykash said...

We have been blessed with nice weather here In Nebraska as well. In the back of my head I just keep waiting. Sierra looks so cute, I love her smile!

Tammie said...

yikes. that is COLD. stay safe and warm