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Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's just after 9:00A.M. and the sun has just made it's very bright appearance through my very filthy windows
Maybe I should wash them.
That likely won't happen.

Trevor went to Calgary today to a Franchise Expo. His mind is constantly whirling with various business ideas so he figured this was a great opportunity to explore the options already out there. A few years ago we were this close to buying into and opening up a Marble Slab in our little city, but as with most ventures scrounging up the start up investment deterred us. Less than a year later someone else had the same idea, were able to follow through on the idea and the business flourished so much that they opened a second location a year later!

If only....

As you know, teaching appears to be a closed door to Trevor. We even briefly considered moving but too many factors closed those doors too. While Trevor enjoys his current job he is too motivated and money driven to think of it as long term - he hates the idea that he is making money for other people! He works for a family owned business where certain members get a cut for doing absolutely nothing (great gig for them!) and if we could buy in that would be a whole different story but the possibility of that isn't too high.

So we explore and think and dream and hope.

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