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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sierra has reached some significant stages in her short little life of being three:
She finally gave up her beloved soother for sleeping - and it wasn't nearly as traumatic as the first attempt which occurred just after her third birthday. This little doll and stroller were her gifts for accomplishing that feat. Notice that the doll has a soother!

Our baby girl has been very busy growing lately and was suddenly looking extremely long in her little toddler bed. I found a great deal on a used twin-sized captain's bed for her that matches her current dresser. Sierra was one excited little girl when we moved it into her room and adjusted with absolutely no problems.

(Imagine photo here, I'm waiting to buy her some pretty sheets)

It the last two weeks, since the new bed and shortly after my post on naps, Sierra is loosing interest in her nap. I'm not sure how I feel about this milestone. I still insist that she goes to her room even if she plays quietly for an hour and half or so. Often she still sleeps but only after a good play session. In some ways it will be nice because then she will go to bed much earlier.

Her first enormous sucker that was given to her by a male co-worker and friend of Trevor's in attempt to woo her into liking him. Sierra is very wary of strange men but bribes go a long way!

We've had a good summer with her and although she's growing way too fast at least she is also growing more and more fun and delightful!

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