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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Joy of Naps

I have become a champion napper. There is nothing like letting myself totally relax and drift off to dreamland during the afternoon. I usually indulge in my little sleeps in the comforts of my bed and dark bedroom.
I used to scoff napping for anyone not very young or old or sick. I don't feel that I currently fall into any of those categories. I fall into the "mom" category.
I began napping regularly when I got pregnant with Sawyer, between him and Sierra my energy was pretty much non-existent and naps were a necessity to get through the day. Then Sawyer was born and there went any hope of a solid night's sleep and Sierra kept my running during the day so naps were a matter of survival. Now, Sawyer still gets me up once a night (although that has just moved to 7ish in the morning as he is now on rice cereal|) and Sierra still goes non stop for every one of her waking moments so naps just give me an extra boost. Fortunately Sierra still naps at age 3. We could push her to go without and send her to bed earlier but if she doesn't nap than by the evening she turns into a small bear and is beastly to deal with. Poor Sawyer's sleeping patterns are probably not quite what his little body would like. His morning naps get interrupted or held off until the the afternoon so both kids sleep at the same time in order that I can snooze.
I admit that I also go to bed rather late, 11:30 or so most nights. Sometimes later on the weekends if we're socializing. That also contributes to my need for the nap. I know if my bed time was much earlier than the nap would likely go. But Sierra goes to bed rather late for a kid, 9 o'clock, and Sawyer a bit after that so Trevor and I cherish the solitude of sleeping children and time to ourselves.
Hey, if I can do it, why not? I would love to say I'm wildly productive by cleaning my house or exercising or simply enjoying a good book during the quiet of the kids naps but no, I'm often sleeping myself!

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