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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been working hard at loosing the extra 11 pounds of pregnancy weight I was blessed with. It was not a struggle with Sierra and I gained over 10 pounds more with that pregnancy! I am currently down 4 pounds in as many weeks (slow but at least there is progress) Controlling what I eat is not easy. It's definitely more fun to stuff my face with sugary, fatty goodies than crunchy, bland vegetables. I know my will power sucks so I refuse to have the 'bad' stuff in the house. If it ain't there I cant eat it!!

We finally have spring. It is so nice to be able to go outside and let Sierra run off some energy. It also means more walks with our little family and with my mom to help in my weight banishing goal.

Ladies league golf starts tonight and my mom and I are participating for the second season. We joined last year and really enjoyed it. We are anything but good but we usually manage to hit the ball in the right direction and eventually get it then hole. I'm excited to be able to use my new purple clubs! (I am such a girl!)

Sawyer seems to be pretty much sleeping through the night. Yayyyy for mommy! He goes to bed around 9:30 and wakes up around 6:30. It's harder for either of us (me or Sawyer) to go back to sleep at that time of the morning so my day more-or-less starts then (okay, so I lay in bed with him until 7:30 or so) but I get my night so I won't complain. Now, if only I would go to bed earlier than I would feel great.

Sierra has started playing more and more by herself. It is soooo nice for getting things done.

Life is good these days.


kraftykash said...

Im glad things are going well for you! As far as losing weight, if you made it will be. My tips would be measure EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth. That has been so helpful to me.

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Hey Carla, I hear ya with the baby weight. I want to work out, but Logan still isnt on a set schedule at night. Thats the only time I would have to work out. Hopefully soon, so I can start. I am glad the nice weather is here again, so I can start going for walks. When there is junk in my house i devour it!