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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Being Mom

It is 7:30 in the morning on this lovely, sunny Mother's Day. I've been up for 40 minutes already with Sawyer. No more sleeping for him once the sun is up! But he slept through the night so I won't even think of complaining.
Sierra is singing and talking to herself in her room.
If you would have spoken with me five years ago and told me that I would enjoy being a mom as much as I do there is no way I would have believed you. I was not and had never been a 'kid' person. It wasn't as if I loathed kids and thought they were evil little monsters that were a means to getting adults. I just never gravitated to little kids or longed for them myself. Yet, neither Trevor or I could imagine life without having kids.

We were married for nine years and I was 29 when Sierra was born.
We haven't looked back since.

My life is more enriched on a daily basis thanks to my two children. I love them so much! They bring such a wonderful, refreshing perspective to life and on life. Obviously there are times when I wish to sell both of them for $1 (temporarily of course - maybe that's more like renting them out) but I don't want to think about those times now. Besides, all the great times more than make up for the aggravating times.

Today we are taking part in child dedication in our church with Sawyer. It is a simple set of three questions where we commit our child to the Lord, do our best to raise him according to the Bible and the church in turn responds with promise of support. We don't believe in infant baptism or it being the means to a child's salvation. We believe in the freedom of choice. Naturally we pray that both our kid's will choose to follow Jesus Christ but we recognize that it will have to be their choice to be real. We see children as a gift from God who we have been entrusted with, and hope and pray to be the best parents we can be.

I also have a new appreciation for my mom since becoming a mom. I love her dearly and she is the best mom I could have and hope for the same relationship with my kids that I have with her.

I love being a mom more than anything and more than I ever imagined I would and I am thankful for my two awesome kids every day!


kraftykash said...

Happy Mothers Day Carla. Your kids are beautiful!

Carla said...

Thank Kash! It was a nice day. I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day too!