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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm in the mood to blog but sadly I have nothing profound to write about. Let's see what I can come up with:

The curse of the blog ended Sawyer's excellent sleeping streak. Pretty much since the following night I dared post that he was sleeping through the night he stopped. He only gets up once but to be awakened from a deep blissful slumber and forced out of my soft comfy bed - no matter how cute the reason is - is not my idea of fun.

My hard working husband is slaving away in our yard and gradually making it more attractive. He shoveled a load of gravel for the trampoline area, then a load of dirt to fill in the back flower beds.

Side note: we had friends of our volunteer to help shovel and spread said load of dirt. What would have taken three-ish hours only took one! Who volunteers to help shovel dirt? We have great friends.

The crop of weeds were Rounded-Up and once they got good and dead he Rototilled them under. I realize that dirt is rather dull in appearance but it actually looks much cleaner and nicer now. Trevor is currently planting 60 stick-like bushes along our 140 feet of back chain-link fence, eventually the hope is that they will grow into a lovely hedge.

As for me...I tended the chillen's, kept food in supply, and managed to mostly clean our house in entirety yesterday. (Look at the house today and you wouldn't know the effort I put in yesterday!) Somehow it feels far less productive and useful but I know it isn't.

Summer disappeared with another switch flick. The a/c was turned off, the furnace on and a big sigh echoed across our land. It's not cold and wintery or anything but it sure ain't warm. Of course, this would have to happen in time for the long weekend.

Sawyer turns 3 months tomorrow. Time is a flying.

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