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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When my sweet little boy was first placed in my arms a myriad of emotions flooded my senses: - There was definitely love and adoration.
Relief that the pregnancy was over and that he looked like a normal baby.
Excitement that he was a boy.

What there wasn't was an instant connection. Yes, my cute little Sawyer came out of me and was a part of me and Trevor but at the same time he was somewhat of a stranger. Oh, we bonded as only mother and infant son can but I did not know who this boy was. He was just a precious baby who ate and slept. I was home so soon, tired beyond comprehension, and Sierra has such a strong personality and totally dominates the room she's in so Sawyer was basically ignored.

Now that Sawyer is two months old we are getting to know each other as his little personality shows through. He is generally a very content, mellow yet alert baby. However, he hates to be alone or have me out of my sight. He gets bored and needs a change of scenery from time to time or something to do. He loves to lay in his little chair and bat at his toys.

Sometimes he simply needs cuddles. We adore cuddles.

Sawyer has learned to voice his unhappiness with fairly instantaneous and loud cries. He knows that's what it takes to gain attention away from his noisy sister and mother's busyness!
He is quick to smile and respond to my voice and has begun cooing in the last week or so. Sawyer definitely knows his mom and dad and where home is. When we are somewhere unfamiliar Sawyer displays a keen sense of awareness by having a hard time relaxing and looking around at everything.
I looked at him the other day and suddenly felt that connection that I didn't even realize was missing until that moment.

This is my son, I love him and am in love with him.

1 comment:

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

He's so cute Carla! He looks so much like Sierra.

I hear you on the not connecting with your second baby instantaneously. With Eva it was the SECOND she came out and was in my arms I connected with her. With Isabella, the birth happened much the same way, but when they handed her to me, I looked at her and felt like she was someone else's baby. I remember thinking "she's cute and precious and all, but is this really MY baby?" I only breastfed her for 1.5 weeks but I'm grateful for it because it helped me to connect with her.

Glad to hear things are going well with you guys!