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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching Up

Every evening at around nine o'clock Trevor and I are finally able collapse on our couch, Sierra in bed and Sawyer soon on his way if not already there too. Last night we looked at each other and I said, "Isn't it incredible how a whole day goes by and absolutely nothing gets accomplished and yet we are always doing something?"
"Yes, it is definitely more of an adjustment with two kids than I thought," replied Trevor. "When one is happy the other isn't and often both want/need something simultaneously."
Thus goeth our life. -
I feel like I have nothing interesting to blog about most days because nothing really happens. I also feel like I have no time and by that nine o'clock-couch-collapse the last thing I feel like doing is attempting to be witty on a computer.

Tuesday all afternoon, overnight and into Wednesday we were pummeled with a doozy of a spring snowstorm. We got well over a foot of heavy, wet snow complete with wind and a resulting power outage. The entire southern portion of our province was without electricity for varying lengths of time, we were out from about 5:30 A.M. Wednesday until 1:30 P.M. Most people stayed home and most business couldn't open. We hung out at my parents who have a wood burning fire place and a fancy BBQ that has a burner so we could cook. A housebound, powerless day had us all a bit "off": Sierra was squirrelly, Sawyer was owelly, and I turned into a bear. It was a weird day to say the least. It is amazing how dependent on electricity we are. Today the sun is shining brightly and everything is a huge sloppy mess.

Sierra is driving me up the wall and across the ceiling the last few days as she has decided she can't do anything without someone watching. i.e. getting dressed, going to the bathroom etc. That is especially convenient (insert sarcastic tone here) when Sawyer needs to eat or have his diaper changed.

On Monday I started a diet/exercise plan of sorts. I've got eleven pounds of baby weight left that needs to go and another 13 I just want to get rid of. It's a bit tricky with breast feeding because my body needs adequate calories and rest to keep producing milk so I can't go too crazy. The eating part is about keeping track of portions of starches, protein, milk, veggies, fat, and fruit. You pick your calorie goal per day and then the number of portions recommended in each category to attain that are listed. You pick what you fill those portions with. My caloric goal includes 5-6 portions of starches per day. With limited portions it is important to eat more filling, nutritious foods or else one goes hungry. The other great thing is that it doesn't limit what one eats just the portions. So if you know you are going out one evening, say to a movie, and plan on having popcorn than you can save your starches and fat portions to include that in your daily allotment. So far so good but it takes a lot of thinking at first. As for exercise...that takes even more planning and is about as easy to fit in a shower these days!

The NHL playoffs have officially begun so our TV will remain on every evening, especially during the first round. It's a fun exciting time of year but also nail biting and aggravating. It's the only time my ten -years-and-counting cross stitch project comes out because I need to do something to help deal with the tension.

Sawyer has started cooing and responding to us talking to him which is really fun. He often beams with enormous, wide mouth smiles for no reason. That makes it all the more worth it!

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