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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I broke down and went shopping for a few articles of clothing today. I wasn't going to, I was determined to wait until the baby weight disappeared, but I couldn't keep going into my closet and cursing. Having unflattering, uncomfortable clothes is a constant, nasty reminder that I'm not the shape or weight I wish to be.

I am right smack dab in the middle of pregnancy and not pregnancy in terms of clothing options. My mat clothes fall off and hang on me in the most unflattering manner (can we say fer-um-py!) As for my pre-pregnancy clothes I have two pairs of lower rise jeans that I can wear but if I don't keep yanking them up my hips the unavoidable muffin tops are especially atrocious. I had some cute, tighter fitting short-sleeved maternity tops that I had hoped would be okay post baby. They stretched out a little and would be reasonably nice except that my daughter in her obsession with chap-stick and lip gloss got it on nearly every one of those shirts and those grease-like stains do not come out!!! I have tried everything. The "biggest" reason none of my shirts fit right now is because of my boobs! Oh the joys of breast feeding! So I went to good old Superstore and bought three V-neck T-shirts in some lovely jewel tones for $8 each and and pair of cargo pants and a cute, knee-length skirt with a stretchy waist band.

I've lost 2 pounds in a week and a half which encourages me. Now with a few clothes that my self esteem should improve. Oh, I also had my hair coloured brunette the other day. I have never in my life been anything but blond. Wow is it taking getting used to. I quite like it though and once my keyboard is working on our other computer I'll have a picture for you!


kraftykash said...

I don't envy the point that you are at right now. I can remember after having kids....I could not believe my stomach. Hang in there. Take care of you. Drink tons of water and enjoy life. I bet your hair is super cute. Brunettes have more fun!

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

I FEEL YA!!!!! I had to go buy cloths to!! I as told about these amzing jeans from reitmens. They are called comfort jeans. they dont do the mushroom which I LOATH! They flaten you out. They remind me of maternity jeans but in a more Im flattening my stomach way. Not "My stomach is growing" way.