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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sawyer's first night on this earth began with a very alarming incident. The evening nurse was in my room performing some routine checks when Sawyer coughed and began choking on mucus. It is a very common occurrence for newborns. The nurse calmly turned him on his side, patted him on his back and out came a lovely gob. She handed him to me and was doing something else when he choked again. I did what she did, turning Sawyer on his side and patting him on his back. Nothing came up and when the nurse asked if he was breathing I replied with a panicked "no!" She promptly hit some silent alarm and yelled "suction" as she was ripping open a package. Two other nurses came running in as the one already present got the suction going and managed to clear his airway.
I think I also stopped breathing during those few seconds. Needless to say I was on alert the rest of the night, I even had Sawyer sleeping on me on his side for the first few hours of the night. He had a couple more incidences at home over the next few days, once I even had to stick my finger in his mouth and scoop out the mucus. For his first week he slept beside our bed on his change table and I never hit deep sleep because I jumped at every sound he made out of paranoia. Thankfully this didn't last long and after a week he was in his own crib in his own room.

One morning last week I heard Sierra cough and make choking noises and, sure enough, when I looked over she was struggling for air. I ran over and she coughed and gagged and managed a laboured breath but did not resume normal breathing. I pounded her on her back and wracked my brain to try and remember what basic first aid training had taught me some mere months before. Also as I was pounding her I glanced at the TV stand and noticed a little claw clip of hers that I had just put there was now gone. Instinctively I told her to open her mouth and then stuck my finer down her throat and felt the clip. I manged to get it out on the second try. Once again I stopped breathing for those few seconds and my heart pounded the rest of the day.

God got some huge prayers of thanks with both of those incidences and I hug my children close every day.

1 comment:

Karen said...

That's pretty scary, made me stop breathing just reading that! Thank God for your quick thinking with Sierra and for the nurse in the hospital with Sawyer. All part of parenting I guess but thank God they are both alright.