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Friday, February 19, 2010


No baby.
Today is D-Day and I see the doctor this afternoon. We'll see what he says because I have felt like less is happening than two weeks ago!

It's been a rough week for me:
I got a cold on Sunday and it's been plaguing me since then. As if my energy level and emotions weren't suffering enough from my enormous belly!

My husband's 94 year old grandma finally passed away. She'd been declining for years and wanted nothing more than to meet her Saviour and she got her wish on Tuesday. While we are not particularly sad because of her age and all Trevor is very disappointed at the timing. He really, really, really wants to attend the funeral which is on Sunday and 7 hours drive away. With a baby possibly arriving any day, sadly, he won't be able to make the trip.

A dear friend from another city only 2 hours away had her mom (whom we knew as well) pass away late yesterday. That is another funeral we would love to be able to attend but unless this baby comes today and comes smoothly and is a dream baby that won't happen either.

My stubborn daughter refuses to poop in the potty and when I tried to battle it out yesterday she became the whiniest, most miserable little *&^% around. She managed to dirty three Pull-Ups since bed-time last night and then says to me "Mommy like changing poopy diapers." I emphatically deny this. It's totally a head thing for her that we have to carefully work with. She's a thinker and needs time to process things so my mom's suggestion was to take a stack of 10 or so Pull-Ups and explain to her that when they are gone they are gone and she can only have underwear so she'll have to poop in the potty could get messy and ugly and who knows what else but we have to try something.

I literally have NO shirts that fit my round, now-dropped belly. I am down to three pairs of pants two of which are simply comfy, stretchy pants. I was wearing a shirt of Trevor's but it's a hoody and too warm much of the time. Maybe I'll do some more raiding. All in all, I have no desire to go out or see people as a result.

All these things are soooooo frustrating!

I did manage to squeeze in a hair cut two days ago which felt good, and have coffee with a couple of friends so there were definitely good spots to my week.

It's just hard these days.


Tammie said...

well i hope that baby comes soon!

both of my kids didnt enjoy pooping in the potty. pee was no problem, but they were vehemently against pooping. then one day, it just happened. :) hang in there.

ill be thinking of you......

kraftykash said...

Hang in there girl! Hope that Doctor says he will induce you, I hated being prego in the end. Iwas miserable as well. About Sierra- Dont make a big deal about not pooping in potty yet. Shes a smart girl and knows you want it, so she might be playing you a little. My theory is when my kids started kindergarten as long as they were potty trained, knew some manners, and dressing themselves...then I was a damn good Mom.

Carla said...

yeah, I've noticed with kids that it does just "click" one day. I think she knows she has control over us with this one though! But Kashoan you're right,I have until kindergarten so lots of time yet!

My doc will discuss induction next week if nothing happens over the weekend.