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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chaos x 2

Well it's the morning of day 4 of life with two kids.
I have been up since 8:15, it is now 10 and I've only managed a mug of coffee - and that is thanks to Trevor. There are toys and clothes and baby stuff everywhere, the kitchen is a mess, there is clean laundry in the baskets that has been waiting to be put away for a week, and I just realized that I haven't showered in three days. Eew.
Ah life with two kids.
This is so not how we like to live it's actually kind of funny. But with a newborn, and an out-of-sorts-attention-demanding two and a half year old who is the reason for a good portion of the mess and a mom who isn't moving with great pep I guess this is to be expected.
Emotionally I'm doing quite well - caffeine and pain medication are great! I know the choas will improve and although the mess is driving me up the wall it's not irritating me into a crazed, "put her in an institution" state. We'll see how next week goes when Trevor goes back to work full time!

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

Im so happy for all of you. Keep letting others help you, make sure to get fresh air, and nap when they nap.I wish someone would have told me those things when Korby came along. :)