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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About Sierra

No baby yet.
Technically I still have nine more days until my due date but I would be fine with delivering any minute now. Someone commented to me today - in a kind way - that I look ready to be done with this.
I so am.

Anyway, I thought I'd take these last hours/days of life with just one child to focus on her a little and what she's doing.
Sierra is truly a happy girl and nearly always in a cheery mood. Her pretty little smile is always present and she is the sunshine of my days.

She loves to play and fool around and have a good time. She definitely has a mind of her own and a strong little personality. She loves to help and be a part of everything we do. Not long after she was born Trevor and I both said that we didn't know it was possible to love and enjoy a child as much as we did Sierra - that hasn't changed.

She is also my greatest source of aggravation, but that is pretty much par for the course when it comes to being a parent. When we tell her "no" to something she rarely accepts that as the answer. Her response is "but I want it/to!" or "Yes, yes yes!" One example is that she loves to help "wash" dishes. She actually just plays with measuring cups in the water but I'm okay with that, water is harmless. Since water always ends up everywhere she has taken to participating in this activity in the buff so she doesn't get her clothes wet. Every time she does dishes, without fail, she wants a bath when she's done. Besides the fact that she loves baths, she gets a bit cold when she washes dishes with no clothes on and a bath warms her up, to try and convince her otherwise is a lost cause. I tried once to be firm, and she just looked at me with tears welling up and said "but I put the mat down and got my stool!" (she uses a little stool to get in and out) I gave in.

We can't give in to every whim of hers of course, so there are some battle times that's for sure. It's a matter of picking which battles to fight.
A recent challenge that has developed is that Sierra has decided it's "too hard" to poop in the potty. She will hold it and be completely miserable until she has a Pull-Up on, which has been only a night time thing. She's had trouble with constipation and that might be the reason, or it could be a reaction to the soon-arriving baby, but I don't know how to combat this one. Physically she is fully able to do her business in a toilet but mentally she can't/won't. I don't like the idea of her holding it and not just because she turns into a bear. I'm not sure it's something worth warring over even though she clearly has control by holding it. I suppose we could withhold the Pull-Up completely (she still wets quite heavily at night) but something doesn't sit right for me with that option. At this point I think we'll make it a non-issue for a week or two and provide her with the requested Pull-Up when she has to go. We'll talk to her about it and hopefully she'll decide on her own to use the potty for pooping again. I'm a little discouraged because my goal of having her more-or-less trained by the time baby arrives may not be quite met.

A really amusing thing about Sierra lately is her idea about what she wants to wear. I no longer get to dress her in trendy cute, matching outfits, I'm luck if I can a) get her out of her pj's and b)if the outfit somewhat goes together. The other day she pulled out a purple, somewhat patterned shirt and a pair of pink poke-a-dotted pair of shorts and was going to go to church like that. When she was told that it was way to cold for shorts she promptly when and got some pink leggings and red socks and then put on her heavy pink winter boots. Can we say hilarious?!!!

Trevor did manage to get her into a pair of jeans.

Anyway, I could go on and on. The long and short of things is that we love Sierra-bear (as we affectionately call her) dearly.


Tammie said...

i was just thinking about you last night, wondering if you had the baby yet. in my opinion, the last few weeks and days are the hardest.

sierra sounds a lot like my lucy. i love her rambunctious spunky ways, but its also the greatest source of aggrivation to me.

kraftykash said...

I just LOVE her smile! My girl has a mind of her own too, its what I admire in her. :)

I cant wait for that new baby. Till then, rest, relax, and enjoy that girl

Tammie said...

hey carla....ive been thinking about you...any news yet? :)