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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life Lately

Baby did a somersault last weekend and is officially head down. I can now breathe as a result and as wonderful as that is, I am now the recipient of a whole new set of sensations and pains. I've just entered the final ten weeks - yikes!

I am totally and ashamedly not into Christmas this year. I think we have been and will continue to have our plates full of too much busyness to be healthy and top that with a good helping of pregnancy and I've become a scrooge. It is so completely not me to not have the Christmas spirit and I hate it.

Sierra is pretty much potty trained. I say pretty much because there are times when it's on a "if I feel like it basis." Pooping is much easier in a pull-up but she knows full well how to accomplish the same task in a potty. She can stay dry during a nap but it depends how much liquid she's consumed. I'm not even worrying about night yet. On a whole, she wears underwear most of the time. I've packed up all the cloth diapers which is very cool because that means three months before I start that adventure all over again!

The cold weather switch has been turned on in our parts the last couple of days - a frigid -20 degrees Celcius this morning. Brrrr!

Naps are my best friend.

1 comment:

IGEMOM said...

Carla, thanks for visiting my blog...sounds like you've got your hands full too. I hope you have a blessed Christmas!