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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


For the last few years I have been a part of a Wednesday morning women's Bible study hosted by our church. It's been a great social and personal time for me. This fall I gulped and cringed as I signed up for the class on the book of Titus. The reason for the gulping and cringing was that the main point of this class was to memorize the entire book. Fortunately it is a short book as far as books of the Bible go, a mere 46 verses. But me and memory haven't gone along lately, hence my terror. I have lists and notes for myself and my calendar has absolutely everything we do on it and I still miss things!


I haven't done any real memorizing since trying to cram my head full of useless knowledge for college classes and that was basically crap in, crap out. Honestly, I never have done much in the way of Bible memorization, even as a kid. As I walked into the class for the first time, I was scared.
It turned out to be a great challenge for me. I was relieved to discover that my memory does work but requires a lot of repetition and effort. I have pretty much made it through committing the entire book to my memory. The last six verses need a little more work but I can basically stumble through all 46and I must brag a little and say that I feel very accomplished. Will I remember it past the next couple of weeks? Probably not, especially word for word, but basic ideas will always be with me.

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

I think what you personally gain out of it, is most important. Memorizing will only make you forget what the message is. Just my opinion ofcourse. :)