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Friday, November 13, 2009

25 weeks in this picture, although I am now 26 weeks.
I routinely go between feeling as large as a whale and not able to imagine where three more months are going to fit to feeling not so bad and maybe even a little cute occasionally.
Would you believe that I actually had a female customer at work tell me I looked as pregnant as her full term daughter? I nearly fell of my chair because I'd seen her daughter the day before and there is NO WAY I am close to as big as she was. What really gets me is the absolute nerve of strangers to comment on the size of a pregnant lady. What gives them the right? They wouldn't say anything if I was simply overweight now would they? It's all I can do to bite my tongue with these people.
Other than than my size insecurities I feel....pregnant.
Moody, not myself, awkward, sore hips, low energy and enthusiasm, unattractive...yada, yada, yada. Not every day is like this but many are and it's hard. My weight gain has been moderate, however I've had to stop running and I still eat too much crap so we'll see how long that lasts. While there is no chance I would trade the blessing of being pregnant for the alternative it certainly isn't easy on me.

As a side note: I've decided that I need to improve my blogging skills. I've been rather sporatic lately and feel boring and I want to change that. I'm going to try and post every other day or so and see if I can get the old brain and writing skills moving again. Happy reading!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Carla I think you look great! I don't see an ounce of "fat" on you that shouldn't be there. Only 12 more weeks - you can do this and that baby is going to be worth every bit of discomfort you're feeling now. Praying for you to feel better and an easy delivery with a strong, healthy baby!