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Friday, November 20, 2009


Mmmmm, pretty - no?
I'm not usually one to swoon over celebrities but I just can't help myself with Jon Bon. Especially when he smiles. And being a music buff that grew up in the 80's I love his voice, the guy can sing!
Trevor and I went to see him in concert two and half-years ago when Sierra was a mere month old. That concert was my motivation for learning to pump my breast milk and ensuring that she would not suck solely from me but also a bottle. The concert was in a city 2 1/2 hours away and not a good scenario for nursing! I was successful on both accounts and with the exception of exploding breasts by the end of the concert and adventures in trying to pump discretely in the car while driving through a brightly lit city I thoroughly enjoyed his show. And his smile.
Guess what?
He is coming again!
I have to go.
Trevor has gotten me into concert going during our 11+ year marriage and 90% of them are for band/groups that he has gotten me into. Not this one, Jon Bon is all mine and one of the few concerts that I really, really, really want to go to.
But there's a problem.
Tickets are of the astronomical price range and seeing as we are a tad tight in that area now....I need to be innovative.
I have to go.
Anyone know of a way to score some freebies...or a fantastic deal at the very least?


kraftykash said...

Seems like local radio stations are always giving away tickets to stuff like this. I hope you get to go! BTW....I looked at your pic and you look gorgeous pregnant!

Carla said...

Awe thanks Kashoan! I've got my eyes and ears pealed everywhere for tickets.