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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is the saying my mom got in a fortune cookie recently:
"A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share"

How about somewhere around February 20, 2010?
Yes, I'm pregnant.
Whew I said it! I'm just over 12 weeks and it has been such a hard thing to keep a secret for so long.

That is the reason for my lack of presence 'round these parts lately. I am fatigued beyond fatigued and when I actually have a moment to myself to possibly blog it's all I can do to even push buttons on the TV remote. I am fortunate to not be plagued by spewing episodes in the Great White Throne but oh the tiredness! Mornings are mostly good, if I only had to function mornings I'd be doing just dandy. But no, 12:30 or so hits and I feel like a truck ran over me. It is all I can do to get to nap time (Sierra's that is) and then I flop myself into bed and pass out for an hour. I'm often grumpy and scuzzed out from noon on and simply cannot motivate myself to do anything. It sucks.

Ah and the hormones! My poor husband and daughter. It's not simply a matter of being tired it's seeing all the stuff' that needs to be done and not being able to drag my butt off the couch to do it. Seriously, I'm sure it's glued there some days and that is some good glue! I get annoyed with myself because just playing with Sierra some days nearly kills me. Feeling sluggish brings irritability, lack of patience and reason, and then the tears because men and toddlers just can't understand!

My back and other parts have also begun paining me. This really doesn't help in the area of sleep, funny how one thing is related to another. I feel like an 80 year old when I get up at times - all hunched over and groaning as my body unfolds itself and I limp to the bathroom. I love my bathroom. I'm there so often now, it's great.

There you have it. I am desperately hoping that as I am moving into the second trimester the fatigue ebbs. I know that with that many other unpleasant factors related to being pregant will also lesson. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy. With Sierra it was so foreign and I was very self conscious of my expanding body and I just wanted it over with. Since Trevor is convinced this is our last (me not so much yet) I want to cherish this time of growing a child inside of me.
Bear with me as I get myself out of my slump and back into what I feel is more inspired blogging. It's coming.

*I worked on this post for awhile so it was dated way back when I initially posted it. I re-posted so it would have a current date, if you're seeing it twice that's why.


Tammie said...

i hope you get your energy back soon and that the rest is smooth sailing.
have you told sierra yet?

Karen said...

Well my mom told me cause your mom told her and it was really hard not to congratulate you before you revealed the big news! So here it is, Congratulations! I hope this pregnancy is a healthy and happy one and that your baby will be strong and healthy when he/she is born! Keep us posted!

Carla said...

Tammie: I have told Sierra but it doesn't mean much to her yet. We have some friends having babies in the next months so that might help her connect.

Karen: Thanks! My mom could barely contain herself so I'm not surprised you knew already. LOVED your rollkuchen post by the way!

BloomingAlmond said...

I could swear I had this done like 1 hour ago....
But.... :DDDDD
I'm sooooo happy for you! Hope it all goes ok with both you and the baby and I'll pray for better things to come :)

kraftykash said...

Congrats! Im thrilled for you, Trevor, and Sierra.