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Friday, August 21, 2009

Gratitude Friday - Energized!

I am thankful for an energy day today.

It has been a rough week in that department and last night when I went to bed I wasn't sure if I could face an entire day alone with Sierra while feeling like death warmed over. I slept terribly and Sierra decided to wake up and holler for me on her earlier side of wake up times.
Despite all that we have had a great day. I organized our closet, even Trevor's shelves of "folded" clothes because it was driving me crazy and if I left it up to him...well let's not go there. I also unpacked my maternity clothes and made room for them. Gulp! There's definitely a belly appearing but so far my clothes are still squeeze-in-able without being in any discomfort.
Then Sierra and I baked chocolate zucchini muffins. She got batter everywhere. I cleaned up and she helped - getting dishwater everywhere.
Sierra went down for her nap and I had a blissful one hour rest, ran on my treadmill and am now blogging. This evening holds plans of vacuuming and cleaning my floors and if I'm still going than the bathrooms!


kraftykash said...

Wow! You got an awesome burst of energy. I hope it stays around for awhile. :)

Carla said...

Yeah me too - that would be nice!