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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gratitude Sunday

I can't seem to get my stuff together on Sunday it is again!
It literally peed rain all week and was cold and unpleasant. I turned the furnace on and baked bread and muffins and cooked warm comfort meals. Not that those things are bad in themselves except....


August is supposed to be hot and we had plans to work on getting a deck railing built and the sprinkler lines in our dirt so that we can get grass and have a yard for Sierra to play in.

Yesterday we had brunch with my family, I had a long nap, Trevor played with his new surround sound system, (the previous one crapped out and wasn't fixable but still under warranty so he got his money back and bought a different one elsewhere) we lazed on the couch and read books. We went out to friends Friday night, last night and will again tonight.

All great things I admit....for October/November!

I cannot believe our weather. Our dirt was literally a complete lake by the end of Saturday it rained so hard - and we have great drainage!

Oh well, a nice relaxing time I suppose. I enjoyed it all so other than the weather what's to complain about?
Here's to finding blessings in bad weather!

* We are supposed to get hot sunny temperatures again starting tomorrow.


Tammie said...

i hope you get the warm weather you so desire, but its been so hot lately here, that im having a hard time feeling sorry for you. ha ha :)

Jen's Farmily said...

It's crazy to think that last year at this time we were in a drought and our grass was CRUNCY. We had flooding around our area about two weeks ago. This August weather has definitely been different!!