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Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Random's

I feel so out of the blogging routine that I don't even know what to post about anymore! I'm in the mood to type so I'll simply subject you to whatever comes out of my snot-filled, groggy head. Yes I have a lovely summer cold, thanks to Sierra. We're both busy going through a box of tissue per hour and making attractive sniff sounds in between nose blows. Well in Sierra's case the snot just runs down and into her mouth and then she smears it all over her cheek with her hand when she scratches her itchy nose. I love it.
Trevor came home with a laptap for me this week! I've been wanting one for a long time because Sierra gets positively irate if we try and sit at our computer while she's awake (all but maybe two hours a day). With the long daylight hours she's been going to bed later and by that time I'm often too tired to stare at a computer screen for too long. Now she is sitting, eating an apple, and watching T.V. beside me while I type! I'm in heaven.
We just had the pleasure of a visit from some friends who moved away on us a year ago. We were reminded why we like them so much and why it sucks that they now life so far away. At least with friends like them we'll be sure to keep in touch and make deliberate effort to see each other.
We finally have our heat wave around here. It's sunny and 30 degrees and our a/c needs to run and I love it! Earlier this week it poured for two days and turned our yard into a mud bog and we were all bemoaning the fact that summer hadn't really arrived yet. Here it is!

As for it being Gratitude Friday - I am happy for all the friends I've been fortunate to make so far in my life. They all enrich my life.

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