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Friday, July 10, 2009

Gratitude Friday - Part 3 and On Time!

My parents have been gone for two weeks on vacation and Sierra has missed them like crazy. Every day she asks, "papa ganny?"
Every day I have to answer, "No, they are still gone"
To which Sierra replies, "In aiwpwane...high,high, (points up)...wi da sun."
It is so neat that we can live near my parents and that Sierra has such a close and special relationship with them.

In other news...remember how I said I spent nearly all of our grocery budget at the beginning of June? I did really well at buying the bare minimum until the last week and then I failed and gave in, so I ended up $100 over. Sigh. I'm not doing to great so far this month either. Then again I just bought a lot of meat which is a major expense so we should be ok for July aside from fresh fruit, veggies and milk. I'm pretty sure I can stay within budget this month.


med neophyte said...

I admire you for even having a budget; and then keeping track and sticking to it. Someday I hope to be that responsible and organized.

Tammie said...

i didnt finish my gratitude friday. mine may be more of a gratitude saturday or sunday. :)

that is really great that sierra has your parents. its nice for you too. its a good feeling to have help from someone you trust.

good luck with the grocery budget. i blew a bunch of mine today on fancy cheese. oh well.

kraftykash said...

That is great that your parents are close by. Mine are too and they spend ALOT of time with my kids. Its awesome. Especially on days when Im ready to rip my hair out. Thats another topic. LOL!!

Dont beat yourself up about the budget, just do the best you can!

Carla said...

Thanks for encouraging me with my budget! I figure - at least I didn't go over on useless stuff, food is a necessity!