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Friday, July 24, 2009

Gratitude Friday - Excitement Over Certain Bodily Functions

If you would have talked to me three years ago the words "poop" and "pee" would rarely enter the conversation. Little did I know that just under a year later those same words would come up with frightening regularity as we entered into the realm of parenthood. Oh, the encounters with those two functions.....
I'll spare you the details but any squeemishness that I may have had over those two excretions magically vanished within hours of giving birth. The enormity of being responsible for this tiny thing overwhelmed me and poop just became one faction of the whole experience. If that was all I'd had to deal with I likely would've developed post-pregnancy morning sickness and there would've been violent rock-paper-scissor wars between Trevor and I over diaper changes. It feels wierd saying this but it's a good thing there are a multitude of other mind-overloading adjustments with a newborn because the poop...
Anyway, the reason for this discussion is that after "playing" on the potty for months Sierra has finally, deliberately, and knowingly used her little potty for its intended purpose. For the last couple of weeks when she would ask to sit on her potty we would comply. There was leg swinging, getting off, back on, taking the seat off - everyting except going potty.
We could sometimes tell when she had to poop and would take her to the potty but she couldn't quite figure out how to get out at the appropriate time. Often, and quite soon after several ten minute potty sessions, she would go in her diaper.
Today during supper I heard her pass gas and asked her if she had to go potty.
"Uh huh," she said.
So off we trucked to the bathroom. I stripped her and she sat down on her potty and asked for a book which we read repeatedly. She appeared to be straining many a times but I was convinced it was all an act. Then she started wiping her bum every 3.4 seconds because she'd seen me do that (not wipe every 3.4 seconds, just wipe in general) and figured that's what's done when on the potty. I would periodically ask her if she was ready for her diaper back on and she kept saying
"More potty."
Finally, after what felt like eons I hollared at Trevor that it was his turn. Not five minutes after he took over there was victory. Sierra pooped in her potty and was quite marvelled by it. Than later, before Trevor changed her for bed he put her on again and she peed! Twice in one day she produced in the appropriate place! Let the bells ring out! Now I'm not naive to think she's trained just like that and am off to buy underwear first thing tomorrow or anything. But this is a very exciting start to an end!

I'm also grateful for my mother-in-law who's visiting for entertaining Sierra this morning so I could sleep in. What a luxury!
Happy weekend all!


kraftykash said...

Oh the days of potty training! We tried and tried to get our son (now almost 14) to poop on the potty. Finally my dad told him on the phone that when he goes poop on the potty he would buy him a hammer. 5 minutes later he pooped for Grandpa! Thanks for the story...this was good stuff!

Carla said...

A hammer - that's awesome! Whatever it takes.