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Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Have...

... a mostly complete exterior and a dry-walled interior! The missing trim pieces will be put in soon but the rock we won't be able to do until spring. (sorry for the dim lighting, it was nearly sunset when the pictures were taken)

Here are some interior pictures:
This is our front entrance with a closet on the right and the door into the garage on the left. In front of the closet you can just see the opening to the hallway to the bedrooms. Across from the hallway to the left are the stairs to the basement. The front door will be stained a different colour.

This is the view from the front entrance: left is the living room area and right is the dining area...

Looking from the dining area into the kitchen.

The bedrooms are just square rooms with windows and kinda boring in a picture so there are none. This is our future rec room in the basement. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are along the back wall on the left. Directly across from the door and far windows are the laundry, utility, and storage rooms and there will be a bar eventually too.

It actually looks like a house! The next tour I give you will be when the interior is finished in - if all goes well - less than two months.


Horseman69al said...

It looks like you are going to have a nice house when finished. I hope you enjoy it. Al and Kris

Kindra said...

That's really exciting Carla! Everything looks so great.

Carol said...

It looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Carla said...

Thanks! The more I see the more impatient I get to see more!

kraftykash said...

How Exciting! That looks like a great house to make memories in