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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Trevor and I have been in major decision making mode lately regarding our house. Here's what we've come up with:

A few weeks ago Trevor and I purchased this bedding set:

(this is a picture of the picture from the set)

Our bedroom furniture is a medium oak and I already have matching dark brown accessories so it'll work perfectly. We've decided on a light creamy coloured paint for our bedroom walls in order to get a fresh airy feel for the room. The carpet will be a medium shag in a darkish brown with gold fleck.

Sierra's room is going to be a really soft, pretty, subtle pink and green to match this quilt:

How we're doing it we're not sure. Maybe half and half with a chair rail on the wall. Maybe green as the main colour with the pink accenting it somehow. I don't know yet. The carpet in this room will be a medium tan shag. It's not too dark in order to maintain a feminine look but not too light so that every juice stain will show either.

The second bedroom will have the same carpet as Sierra's room and for now will be the office. The walls will be a darker brownie-green colour.

Our great room (living room/dining room/kitchen) is going to have the back wall painted a gorgeous shade of red - not scream in your face red, just a nice warm, pop of colour. The rest of the walls will be a standard beige. The flooring here is going to be oak hardwood, again medium in shade with a really warm, cozy feel - so we hope.

The baseboards are going to be 6 inches high and just a plain straight board; no design. They will be painted slightly off-white.

The kitchen cabinets are going to be a shaker style maple stained English Oak. It's not dark or light, in between and difficult to describe. We're doing a neat tile-look linoleum in browns in this area.

After flipping through countless fliers and reading and researching and glowering at our budget we finally decided on and purchased some kitchen appliances. We found a GE brand side-by-side refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser and some other fancy features for an awesome price. I originally did not want a side-by-side because the freezers are generally very small and useless but this one is very large. Besides what I really wanted was way out of our price range. This fit the budget and gave us mostly what we were looking for. We chose a Bosch dishwasher because that is what my mom has and she thinks it is the best thing around. Having lived with her and using it - I agree. The range is a Kenmore ceramic flat top, convection, and self clean. The microwave hood-fan is very basic and inexpensive and is a GE. Oh, and we went with black for all of them.

Now for counter top. Another enormous headache! Yeesh. To try and pick an appropriate colour and pattern from the world's tiniest chip is next to impossible. Then when you find one you like the sales person says that it actually looks kind of peach-pink in large format. Needless to say we're still on that journey.

It feels good to have these above mentioned items and colours decided on. Drywall is beginning as we speak and my excitement mounts daily.

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