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Friday, November 7, 2008


No, this is not about Barack Obama or the US election that just occurred.
  • Obama, Obama, Obama - ugh, that is all I hear or see anytime I open a newspaper or turn on the TV...and I live in Canada!!!! That's a totally different country. Nothing against Obama or the US but really, I don't care much about politics at the best of times in my own country and now I'm being inundated with another country's election mania. Yes, I know it affects us greatly too, blah, blah blah.
  • I would not normally be this emphatically anti-politics if we hadn't just endured another election of our own. Canada doesn't have nearly the campaign show that the US does, for starters we have 300 different parties rather than 2 - okay 7ish (if you live in Canada the ish makes sense but it's too hard to explain), and with more parties and less population there isn't near the funding for such galas to sucker in votes. Nevertheless, our campaigns still dominate TV and newspapers, and "Vote For..." signs are tacked everywhere like a bad disease of the land for it's duration and it all drives me crazy!
  • Politicians are all a bunch of liars and lately are be doing this every two years because apparently we have a divided country.
  • On a more serious note: I am thankful for a free country and democracy and wouldn't trade it for any alternative. I make it my business to know enough to make an educated vote no matter how irritating it all is to me.
  • I wasn't going to talk about country politics. Sorry.
  • Now that I've been at my new place of employment for six months all the internalpolitics are showing their ugly faces. No work place is perfect and all have their politics; I'm not naive in having thought this would be the prefect place where everyone is one big happy family but it's always a bit of a blow when reality truly hits. Maybe it's that I don't particularly wish to be at work in the first place; I'd rather be home with Sierra. Maybe it's the circumstances that have put me at work that are to blame.
  • I certainly do not regret changing places of employment as there are enough aspects that I enjoy. But I miss the atmosphere of the place I used to work. My memories of my previous work place are of a more positive and fun environment than I have now. Granted it's been a year and a half since I worked there and bad memories often fade (like child birth thank goodness!) and today was a rather "off" day. But it must be a good sign for a place and it's people if its lasting impressions are mainly positive.
  • Sigh.
  • Yes, I'm greatful for my job, that I have one and all that. It's not ideal nor is the situation but then again life never is!


Kindra said...

You know what kind of bugs me about politics? That Canadians know more about American politics than ours. Like you said, our political parties don't have the same funding for campaigns and stuff, but really...they need to do a better job. They called the election like 2 months before we voted and I barely knew anything about either sides policies until the day of the election when I went to the websites and read about them. And they were surprised that only 59% of people voted! It was really embarrassing and kind of disgraceful that more people didn't care enough that they live in a democracy to go and speak their minds, but I think the candidates need to do a better job campaigning. Most people I know who DIDN'T vote said they didn't because they didn't feel "informed" enough...yet if you asked them who they would vote for in the American election, those same "uninformed" people could tell you instantly who they'd vote for. That really bugs me.

Those are my two political cents.

Kindra said...

Oh and on top of "knowing" more about the American election, Canadians seemed to be more interested in the American election as well. Did you notice how many people's Facebook status comments were all about the American election and barely anyone commented when we voted? And did you see on the news the huge parties Canadians were having to watch the American election...and 42% of Canadians didn't even care enough to get up off their couches and vote let alone have a party to watch the election.

Okay...that was my three cents.