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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Superstore Saga

This morning as Sierra was running around Superstore gleefully pulling items off of their racks and I was attempting to shop I had to take a deep breath and thank God for my healthy, energetic, strong-willed daughter.
All I wanted was fifteen, maybe twenty minutes to look for shoes for her and maybe a bargain outfit.
"Now why would that happen?" I ask myself.
Then again, "Why shouldn't that happen?"
Just because most of my shopping attempts lately that are with Sierra and not grocery related end up being futile why would this one?
Today was the day she decided to figure out she could slide down out of her stroller (no, I didn't strap her in because it was never a problem) and once she's out it's impossible to put her back in without scream-fest occurring. Yeah, like that's a pleasant option in the middle of a store. There I am chasing a giggling one year old in between quickly browsing through racks of clothes. Not fun. It is especially aggravating when it seems like every other mom's kids are sitting calmly in their strollers or shopping carts or standing by them.

Honestly, I felt a bit inadequate as a mother. I felt like one of those mom's that I used to scowl at disdainfully (yes, I shamefully admit I did this in my naivety of a non-mother) who's kids were banshees terrorizing a public place. I felt like everyone was giving me a " look". Serves me right for ever scowling now doesn't it? At least I didn't ignore Sierra and leave the childrens' area looking like a tornado had blown through; I picked everything up. I also managed, somehow to my utter amazement, to find Sierra a pair of $2 mittens, an $8 shirt, and myself a pair of much needed PJ's no (see below, I'm actually wearing them right now - it was only to see if they fit and they are com-fy! I might leave them on.) on sale but it's Superstore so not near expensive either.

I am very grateful for the child I have and wouldn't trade her personality or gumption for life for anything but some days a teeny, tiny, bit of mellow would be welcome.


Carol said...

Oh we all have those days! Nicholas chose to have his while we were trying to have "tea" in a 7 star hotel! Poor people are trying to enjoy their (ridiculously expensive) tea and my kid is running around like a banshee.
Oh the stress...

Kindra said...

Haha...this post made me laugh! Our babies aren't babies anymore, but crazy, wild toddlers. Luckily I haven't had any public craziness yet, but Eva is starting to think it's hilarious to run around and giggle and have me chase her while I'm trying to get her dressed (or even change her diaper). An 8-month pregnant lady is not up for that kind of thing! I usually just sit on the floor trying to entice her to come back with some sort of toy. Changing her clothes is becoming a 2-person job! This age is a lot more fun...but definitely a lot more work.