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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T'is The Season...

  1. ....twelve tall, hulking men.
  2. .....dressed in long baggy shirts, padded knee length shorts, socks that come over their knees and under the shorts so no skin shows, and boots with blades on the bottom. Two of the twelve men also have thick pads strapped to their legs. Those two guard netted cages.
  3. ....heads encased in hard plastic hats. Bulky gloves cover their hands that hold sticks in the shape of a modified "L".
  4. .....these men sliding around a sheet of ice, rimmed with a solid, wood half wall topped with a large slab of clear Plexiglas, using the blades of their boots. They can look quite graceful until one realizes that they are chasing of a frozen piece of black rubber; black rubber shaped into a thick disc.
  5. ...watching these ten huge men chase this defenseless little object with intense ferociousness, batting it around with their funny sticks. They aim to get it into the cages past the ones guarding them.
  6. ....the men to ram each other into the boards in attempt to get the little black disc.
  7. .....these men to get mad at each other, poke at each other and, then like little boys, fight over it. Punishment of sitting in a little box for 2 minutes or more usually follows such antics.
  8. ....enthusiastic fans watching this debacle. They yell and scream and think they know more about this game than those playing it.
  9. home fans religiously recording televised games. Fans also are involved in numerous contests relating to this sport and informing everyone around them of various statistics.
  10. ....HOCKEY!!!
  11. Yes, this is a major component of my life. It is by default thanks to a hockey crazed country and a nearly obsessed husband. This will last until May or June. I actually quite enjoy hockey for the most part most of the time. At least it's not football! (Sorry football fans, it is just not a sport I can get into!)

1 comment:

BloomingAlmond said...

Hockey looks so violente.. Here our sport is what you call soccer (we call it football)...
I just can't get the obssession men have with sports... I guess sports are their "The Hills" "The Oprah Show" and whatever...