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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Within days of us moving in with my parents my mom and I went for a walk. On our walk we passed a garage sale and of course we couldn't help but crane our necks this way and that as we walked by and inspect the merchandise. Our necks took over and we followed them this great find:

This is a solid mahogany wood buffet and hutch purchased by me for only $40. The original reason we bought it was to use it as additional storage in our basement lair. That never really happened for some reason but the more I've looked at the more I like it and want to fit it in with our decorating scheme in our new house.
The colour won't match any of the wood going into our house and it's a tad beaten up so I'd like to refinish it. What do I do?
Do I strip it and stain it with a shade that matches the decor and keep the wood look? Do I paint it white and do something to it like distressing it? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous, why paint it white, I could see distressing it or staining it a lighter colour but no painting the beautiful the wood pls. I know, lots of people paint hings like that white, I'm a wood colout person so...I may be bias on this one :)

Carla said...

Yeah, I have a hard time painting over natural wood. If I can refinish with a more complementary stain I will.