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Monday, November 19, 2007


Two days in a row - I'm off to a good start.
Yesterday we went at looked at lots in a new housing developement in Coaldale called Cottonwood. It has some really good size, walk out lots with green space behind them, and considering all that they are very resonably priced. We would build a house by self-contracting and doing what work we could on our own in order to save money. That way we could just about do an even swap with the house we own now. Problem: paying for the new house while living in the old one. Move in with my parents? Hmmmm, we'd have to think about that. We just went to look and see if it was even remotely within reach, and now I'm dreaming.


Styvas said...

Wouldn't it make more sense to know where Trevor will be working for the long-term before locking yourself into a particular location? Sounds fun to be looking at lots and dreaming about building a home, however!

Carla said...

Yeah, it probably would make sense to wait. That's no fun though!