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Friday, November 30, 2007

Dreaming of dreaming

It's just after nine all I want to do is hibernate in my bed and sleep. It's cold and snowy and I've had a couple of busy days. Also, last night at 11:45 something woke Sierra up and for the first time in ages I had to go and comfort her back to sleep. So a lazy morning would be heavenly. But Sierra woke up at 7:30 dispite her midnight cry. I managed to ignore her demands until 8 when she was starting to get mad. We both hung out in bed until 8:30. I then resigned myself to the fact that Sierra was not going back to sleep so we got up for good. Sigh. About half the time she does sleep until 8 ot 8:30 so I really shouldn't complain but it's one of those days. Sierra is laying on the floor and has pulled her socks off and is once again bored of her activity. I guess I should go - we dont' call her "the small boss" for nothing.!

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