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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This house idea is totally consuming my thoughts! I was dreaming about designs all night - and this was only an idea last Saturday! Crazy - yes, especially considering where we are in life. But here's the thing, if we do this right we would not have to increase our mortgage beyond what it currently is. This is because the value of our house and the cost to build new is the same. Why you may ask?
1. Coaldale has cheaper lots.
2. They allow you to contract yourselves
3. We know people to do the electrical (my dad), plumbing (cousin) heating and duct (uncle) and those people know other people to do the rest.
4. We would do as much ourselves as possible - painting, trim, and whatever else we feel we are able to do.
Yeah I know, Trevor doesn't have a permanent job and we may end up moving. Moving is a last resort so I'm not counting on that. If it does happen - then we sell the house and make money on it. I've been waiting for over nine years to feel settled, without 'moving' in the back of my mind. This would be a step in that direction. We knew from day one that our house now wouldn't be the one we would raise our family in. The factors are as good as they will ever get to build, and we really haven't too much to loose. Now, just so you know, nothing has been done or decided yet. We are simply researching.

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