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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Some fantastic, original artwork came into my possession a few months ago.  It lay around for a few weeks - I wasn't quite sure what to do with it -  before my mom had the brilliant idea to frame and display it.  I'm in the gradual process of re-decorating a few areas of our house, we've been in it for three years now so time for change!  A few months passed by and then Michael's was kind enough to have frame sale.  I was all over it.  

The best part?

This original artwork was created by none other than my sweet, crafty Sierra!
I know it's not everyone's taste, but then again artwork never is.  The shelves (as you will notice below) still need a little work but I'm quite happy with the overall effect.

                                   "Shoe" art.
"Shoe" art in context.

"Random painting, cutting and gluing" art

In context.
The artist!

1 comment:

Karina said...

Love those pictures!