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Sunday, April 22, 2012


I apologize for the obvious lack of content here lately. 
I haven't been in a very good mental place lately.
I feel as if while everyone had winter depression this year I am in a spring time low.  
Odd, I know. 

You see, where I live is really not a very pretty place.  It can be very brown and drab and dull, especially during the winter but I expect that in winter.  Then spring arrives and all of a sudden it should be warm, and sunny and green.  Nope.  More brown and drab and dull - oh and don't forget the wind.  And probably a few more weeks yet until the real green starts to appear.  On the up-side I see that the weeds are flourishing nicely!

One night this last week I lay awake stewing quite hard about all the stuff that needs to get done in my life and just isn't!  The reasons range from lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of finding ways to accomplish such tasks with demanding kids underfoot, and financial constraints.  Oh I stewed up a good stew that night, too bad there was nothing to show for it except bags under my eyes the next morning.

Diet and weight loss.  I'm currently cursing and sweating my way through the Insanity program and the results Just. Aren't. There. People!!!!  I simply like food too much and I know that is the problem.  Back to the "I know I don't look bad and really shouldn't fret yada yada yada"  but seriously!, one of the days some noticeable positive change would be a nice treat!  But I keep doing it because it feels good and it's good for me.  Although this Insanity is by far the craziest workout endeavor I've ever embarked on.  I'll be in great physical shape but might die doing it!


The sun appeared.  Not did it show up, it also decided to exude a nice amount of warmth.  In fact, today was rather hot and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.  The weeds are still the only apparent green growing but there is hope as I see many buds on trees and the new, green grass is trying to over take the brown.

Trevor and I both have had a few days of accomplishment the crazy mundane tasks that nag and annoy.  Like the leaky bathroom tap that has been dripping steadily for a couple of months.  Like buying and deciding between numerous picture frames to finally display pictures!  You know, critical-to-survival things like that.

Trevor told me I looked like I'd lost weight.  I think he was just sucking up becuase the scale says not and so does the measuring tape.  But the words helped me feel a little encouraged none-the-less!

Now all we need is the Canucks to win the next three games and all will be right in the world!
  A million dollars would be nice too.

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