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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mid -Week Blather

I am so incredibly uninspired to post here these days.  
I feel like I don't have anything interesting worth writing.
Hence the gap.

Here's an overview:
Life is good.
Trevor received a very positive report regarding his RA a couple of weeks ago.  He said the doctors were "grinning from ear to ear" at his progress since his diagnosis a year ago.  We are thankful every time he can get out of bed without issue and toss his kids into the air among many, many other seemingly ordinary actions.
My baby turned 2 last week.
He is such a happy, busy, delightful little boy to have in our lives.
Sawyer still lacks the ability to utter many words but his communication skills are extremely effective!  He does try to and can speak with some prompting - we suspect he's merely lazy.
Sawyer loves his afternoon naps and thanks to his sister does not know what sleeping in is.

Once again I am switching exercise programs - hey, I've done P90X off and on for about a year!  Although I've been enjoying P90X I am getting a bit bored with it.  My next challenge? 
It looks to be a little....insane!

I have not one free weekend until maybe April?

Life is busy.

Life is treating us well!

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