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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


With Sierra experiencing tummy troubles (likely Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Trevor having rheumatoid arthritis and me with chronic indigestion/acid reflux I've been really considering the implications of diet.  

With all the diets and fads and diseases and "intolerance" issues it made me wonder.  I've done some reading and asking around and a thought that occurred to me, particularly with Sierra, was the possibility of gluten sensitivity/intolerance.  I've been hearing/reading increasing numbers of people who are experiencing gluten problems and naturally it made me curious.  From what I've read I'm pretty sure no one is our family has a gluten allergy put may be sensitive to it.  Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I asked my doctor about it. She said that someone may have an intolerance to something but it doesn't mean they have to avoid it.  Avoiding it altogether just makes the intolerance/sensitivity worse.  My doctor said just to eat less of it or prepare it in an alternative manner.  She compared it to vegetables: raw vegetables are very hard to digest and can increase indigestion but that doesn't mean I should quit eating vegetables - steam them!  Eliminating gluten will not be a part of my diet.

Green tea.  I continually read about how good it is for a person.  It is high in antioxidants and if drunk within two hours of eating it aids in fat absorption by 30%.  I am not a regular tea drinker.  I've never really enjoyed it but will drink it when I'm sick or want a hot beverage that isn't coffee.  The only green tea I've tried is cheap bagged tea and I find it rather distasteful.  Today I went and bought loose-leaf green tea and it is like night and day.  It tastes NOTHING like the green tea in a bag.  It is good!  Green tea still has caffeine, but about half that of coffee.  I may try to replace my coffee with it.  Caffeine is an indigestion trigger and the acids in coffee add to that.  I'm not willing to give up caffeine but I can reduce it and change it's source.

One thing I also started doing again is smaller regular "meals" through out the day.  I'm trying to consume 300 calories each for five times a day.  My doctor gave me a pamphlet on stomach irritability and one suggestion on it is exactly that - spreading meals out in smaller portions.  (Healthy meals of course!)  This is not an easy thing to do.  Keeping meals to just that and increasing "snacks" to equal 300 calories takes work!  I was finding that by meal time I was very hungry and then tended to over eat.  Yesterday was the first day I consciously spread out my meals and although I never felt full I also never felt overly hungry.   Today was trickier because I was out and about this morning and didn't have time to bring anything.  I had a latte at the store where I purchased my green tea.  By the time I got home at 11 I had an apple and a cookie and then an hour later ate lunch.  While my caloric intake was still 300calories it wasn't very well spread out.  It'll take time to figure this out and get the hang of it.

Now on to water.  We've all heard it "drink 6-8 glasses a day".  Why? 
 According to the pamphlet my doctor gave me it is instrumental in digestion.  It allows fibre to do its job.  Without water fibre will just add to constipation. Water actually helps the body metabolize all food more efficiently.
I've also read that staying hydrated also helps keep your energy levels up and headaches away.  I am living proof of this.
It keeps your skin healthy.
It naturally cleanses and flushes our body of toxins and waste products.
Therefore, I am aiming to keep my water intake up at the recommended 8 cups daily.

The next work out program I am going to try.  The fit test just about did me in so I'm a bit nervous.

Although there are many opinions and ideas out there it all seems to boil down to one thing:

A healthy, balanced, variety of food consisting of ample vegetables and fruit and limited sugars and fats coupled with regular exercise..


Nothing new or profound but good to remember!

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