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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brain Matter

I have about a zillion and one pictures with fantastic post ideas to accompany them but we had to completely reboot our computer  a few weeks ago and haven't got all the software installed.  So for now the photos are currently entombed on the camera's memory card.

This means you just get words.  Unless you feel like making up pictures in your head of course!

 I just started a month long stint of working about 7 extra hours per week for a total of 26ish hours per week.  This is to help cover a short-term medical leave. If I thought I had no time to accomplish more than the basics before, I definitely don't now.  I'm in awe of moms who work full-time.  The efficiency and organizational skills required to stay afloat have to be of phenomenal proportions! 

Sawyer figured out how to pull away our makeshift baby gate (the design of our stairs doesn't allow for a normal baby gate) and he promptly tumbled  head over heals down all fifteen stairs.  I helplessly watched the entire event unfold.  As soon as I saw what he was doing I raced over as fast as I could.  Unfortunately only only warp speed would have got me there in time.  All I could do was follow him down the stairs as he rolled and pick up the heap that landed at the bottom.  Fortunately baby's are bendy and bouncy so other than being temporarily mentally traumatized he's perfectly fine.  My heart pounded none-the-less and we will not be pushing our luck by allowing this to occur again.  Later that evening Sawyer confirmed the fact that baby's have limited learning capabilities - or maybe just really short memories? - and tried the same stunt again.  At least I was watching from a couple of steps down and caught him as he began to tumble. 
Now to teach him the proper, less risky method of descending stairs.

Spring is slowly but surely springing.  We haven't had snow for over a week now so that's promising.  We can actually see that the new green grass is starting to take over the ugly, crispy brown, and the trees are waking up with the buds forming very tentatively.  They are rather scared, of course, to emerge into leaves just yet.  The sun has indeed been shining quite warmly and we've been enjoying some long-awaited outside time.

I'm diligently plugging away at the P90X workouts.  I'm one session away from completing the first section.  Then the "off" week.  Except the way I'm doing it one week is taking me two.  I definitely feel stronger.  The scale and I had a fight awhile back so we aren't currently on speaking terms.  I'm a little scared of it.  I'm eating healthy most of the time, making small changes here and there.  I am trying a more whole food approach (less processed and artificial food, not that we had a lot but still) and have cut out most sugar.  I say most because to stay sane I do need a little here and there!  Overall I feel healthy and in control of myself and that is a good feeling.

Some good new is that Trevor is exhibiting and expressing an improvement in is RA.  Day to day isn't as noticeable but comparing to three weeks ago there he is definitely getting better.

I've been discovering that apparently it is rather odd for one to hand wash one's floors.  When I mention it to friends they look at me as if I've grown an extra ear and have green skin.  I feel the need to get down on my hands and knees and power scrub my floors every four to six weeks.   You see, there is no other way that I can get them satisfactorily clean.  I tried steam cleaning only to be told that it is not a recommended method for hard wood, it left a film anyway.  I've used every mop on the market including the Norwex mop.  The Norwex mop by far does the best but the streaks drive me bonkers.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with the darker colour and glossier finish.  So down I go with my bucket and good old Norwex cloth and I manage to achieve a nice, clean, relatively streak free floor for 0.26 seconds before one of my kids destroys it.

Life is feeling rather mundane these days.  
Heck, I'm blogging about washing floors!
There's nothing really to complain about but nothing to jump up and down with excitement over either.  I suppose that's okay.
For now.

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