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Friday, May 13, 2011


I wrote this fantastic post yesterday all about my "joys" of grocery shopping and even posted it.  
It.  Is. Not. Here.

 Cyberspace has gobbled it up.

Maybe it will reappear.

Or else I"ll rewrite it.
Maybe not.
Have a great weekend!


Tammie said...

well darnit! i had just come over to see if there were anymore comments on that post, because it was a good one.

i know blogger was having troubles yesterday and all the posts that were written after wednesday were temporarily removed, so maybe it will come back. :)

Sheriberry said...

Mine went missing from yesterday too! It only took me like 6 weeks to finally update - then gone? So frusterating!

Karen said...

I see the post Carla, read it the day you posted it and it's still there - maybe the disappearance is temporary at your end. Rest assured it got posted :-)

Carla said...

Ok. It's back. Wierd.