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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still Here

Every time I started a post this past week it ended up sounding like a giant cheese and whine session full of poor me. I intended for them to sound like just the realities and challenges of adjusting to life with a newborn and a two-and -a-half year old but with no success. I figured no one wanted to read that hence no post. Anyway, the biggest trial is lack of sleep and I've been severely short on it. Extreme tiredness affects so much! This weekend offered me some catch up and hopefully this next week will be better.
Be back soon!


Tammie said...

i would love to hear your whine fest carla! i think we can all relate to it in one way or another. :)

hang in there.

Rachel said...

Carla, I think the whole life of a Mom becomes a "poor me" thing....its just the way it goes! And don't worry, Tammie is right. We can all relate!

kraftykash said...

This is your blog, missy. Whine away! :)

Nishant said...

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