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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little of This...

  • The sleep situation is up and down but overall better. I feel much more human as and able to cope with life as a result. I've grown to strongly dislike 3 A.M. though.
  • Sierra has been fully potty trained for a few weeks now. We've won the battle of pooping by completely eliminating Pull Ups, even for night. It took one miserable day of her running around and whining for a Pull-Up to poop in until she finally couldn't hold it any more and went in her potty. She wet the bed a total of three times in the first week and now she is diaper free and is very proud of herself. I'm ecstatic to to be only changing one bum!
  • Sawyer is officially one month old today. He's up to 8lbs 12 oz and been quite a good baby. Since this is very likely our last child I am clinging to this stage as tightly as I can. It will be over before I know it and while I've loved and enjoyed Sierra more and more as she grows older there is something so precious and sweet about the newborn/baby time that I don't want to give up to quickly.
  • I started exercising yesterday and am trying to be more aware of what I'm eating to help with the loss of the baby weight. My hips are just starting to narrow back, evident by my maternity pants beginning to actually feel looser. It's nice to have some progress.
  • Our basement development goals have been met but now it's time to clean up the horrific mess that process created.
  • I'm ready for a holiday to relax and bond with my family. Everything feels so chaotic and frantic here at home that going away would be a most wonderful break right now. I'm actually at a brief point with our children's ages and that I would consider traveling.
  • I bought an enormous bag of Mini-Eggs two weeks ago. A big mistake. The contents of the bag are significantly consumed. Not good for weight loss goals but oh so good on my taste buds!
  • Spring is teasing us with some very nice days lately but around here we know it's not permanent yet.


Tammie said...

im glad the sleep situation is more manageable. i know how hard that can be. there were times i was so tired that i was in physical pain.

the candy associated with easter is the best part of this holiday. i love it all. except Peeps. i hate Peeps.

kraftykash said...

Our dear....I dont miss those crazy sleep deprived days. Nothing like successful potty training! WooHoo!

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Glad to know there is hope!!! Im glad things are getting better for you! Im not going to miss this Zombie/Emotional stage!!

Nishant said...

i love it all.
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