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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I made my first prime rib roast yesterday.
I was terrified during the entire process.

Around here an economical way to purchase beef is by ordering an entire side/half side (1/2 cow,/full cow) directly from a butcher. We wind up without an inch of space in our freezers but also some amazing meat that lasts us a long time. Since a cow naturally has all the cuts of meat we get some awesome options that I would never spend the money on by themselves i.e. prime rib roast.
I am generally scared of cooking roasts because they never turn out well. My mom has the same issue so as much as I enjoy roast we seldom eat it. I have no doubt there are two reasons that my roasts often taste like cardboard:
1. I've cheaped out on the cut.
2. I don't cook it properly.

Not wanting to ruin a prime rib and inviting friends to share in the roast (WHAT WAS I THINKING KNOWING MY TRACK RECORD!!!!????) I did not want to mess this up. My mom said she'd heard one good way to cook a roast was to sear a it for 15 minutes at 425 then slow cook it at a much lower temperature after that. I scoured the good ole' internet to corroborate her "hearings" and found this recipe. It does not say to sear it but I did anyway, and I only had regular salt so I used that in much less quantity.

"Here goes nothing!" I thought as I slid the roast into the oven around 2 o'clock. I fretted all afternoon while it cooked.

Well, to my delight it was a complete success! Trevor loves prime rib and will order it in restaurants whenever he gets the chance - and he thoroughly enjoyed my roast. It was cooked to about medium-rare in the middle and despite arguing unsuccessfully with a cranky, whiny, ready-to-be-sold-to-the-lowest-bidder two and half year old last night I too, savoured my supper. Oh, and our friends said they liked it too. Maybe they were just being polite. No, he had seconds, it couldn't have been bad if he had seconds.
As a result of this little adventure I won't be as scared to attempt cooking a roast again.

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