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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Little O'This...

Here it is Friday again and already!
I had all these great post ideas that I swore to myself I'd inflict upon you to read more often this week. Oh, well, at least I get to it once a week - better than nothing, no? So here's a smattering of what's up with me:

1. Our grass was laid and looks wonderful and we've managed to keep it alive and mostly green this first week.
It actually looks like we have a yard.

2. It has been wonderfully sunny and hot this month, unseasonably so for September. I say keep it coming we still have outside work to do!

3. Sierra will not stop talking these days and you must respond to her or she just gets louder until you do.
"Mommy, choo choo dare." (as we drive down the highway alongside the train tacks every day)
" Yes there's a train there."
"Trains can be loud, yes."
"Mommy boo eyes."
"Yes, mommy has blue eyes."
"Daddy geen eyes."
"Yes, daddy has green eyes."
And it goes on.

4. Despite my lack of information to you in this area, we are still struggling with job decisions for Trevor. I don't even know what to say or want anymore.

5. I worked almost 30 hours this week and only 5 next week!

6. Baby is definitely growing because my clothes aren't fitting and strangers at work ask me when my due date is.

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

I can remember when Korby (now 10) would sit in her car seat and talk and talk and talk. I miss that now. :)
Im glad all is well for you. Cant wait to see pics of the new yard.